Photography Guidelines

Desiree Henshaw Photography

Professional Photographers

We love getting to share our beautiful grounds and gardens with the community and being a private place where families and photographers can come to capture cherished memories. However, in order to respect the integrity of the ground, gardens and house, we ask that photographers please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Photography membership to Belmont Hall is $25/ yr. The membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st of each year. Regardless of when membership is paid, it remains the same and still will expire on March 31st of the following year. We ask that membership is paid prior to your first photography session of the new “season” at Belmont Hall. To obtain a membership, please fill out this form and return it to Belmont Hall along with your membership fee.


  • Please schedule your photography sessions by emailing or calling . This allows us to monitor how many photographers are on the grounds at a time and to make sure that all photographers have the opportunity to get the best pictures possible for their clients. Our goal will be to have no more than two photographers on the grounds at one time. If you require exclusive use of the grounds for some reason, please let us know.


  • As long as your clients permit you to share the images, please email us copies of images that you take at Belmont Hall. We love getting new images that we can use for marketing and on social media!


  • If you are only photographing weddings and engagement sessions at Belmont Hall, there is no requirement for membership, as long as the couple is getting married at Belmont Hall. If their wedding is not being held at our venue, then we ask that you still pay the membership fee.


  • All photo sessions must be scheduled by emailing or calling so that we can be sure we have only one or two professional photographers on the grounds at the same time. If there is a problem, please email us at or call at 302 264 9048.


  • Once you have paid your membership, you have unlimited access to the grounds and gardens for the year. Access to the house will be an additional fee of $35/hour.


  • Professional photography members are listed on our Vendors Recommended List with a short description of their business.  Anyone who rents the grounds or house are sent this list.


Pre-Homecoming, Prom, Graduation Pictures

If you would like to come and take pictures for prom, homecoming, graduation, etc. without a professional photographer, please contact the Friends of Belmont Hall.  We ask that you let us know approximately how many people will be on the grounds during the time that you will be taking your pictures and how long you need. A Friends of Belmont Hall staff member will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately if the Friends of Belmont Hall has contracted to have an event in the house or on the grounds during the time when Homecoming, Prom, or Graduation photos might be taken we will have to ask you not to come to take your photographs at Belmont Hall.  Please remember that our customers who have rented the property and their guests have the right to be the exclusive occupants for their rental time.

Please be respectful of our grounds and gardens. We prefer that you do not move anything on the grounds due to the possibility of damage.  However if you move something to get a picture, please be sure to put it back carefully prior to leaving. The house, grounds, and gardens should be left in “as found” condition at the end of your session. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Membership requests and donations can be mailed to the following:

The Friends of Belmont Hall

P.O. Box 148

Smyrna, DE  19977

or call 302-264-9048 to request a $25 membership or to ask how to deliver donations.